With the design of MTA, our company gradually shifted from being a manufacturer of agricultural attachments to a productor of real machines: in the 1990s, our team of brilliant minds developed and launched Slalom 20, Master SX and Jumper 50.

In those years we became masters of combining parts intelligently: we bought components from the automotive sector to offer quality products at moderate prices.

By the genius of our Production Manager Paolo Proietti came the idea of a light, compact and maneuverable tractor; in 1999 the highlight of our European market was designed, it was named Bantam.


Rio Proietti concretely realized his passion for mechanics in 1976, founding Erreppi.

The company's first products were PTO Driven Trailers, highly innovative trailers for the time.

The cutting-edge technological systems used in production allowed the company to evolve and design increasingly complex machines: in the 1980s Erreppi team designed and launched MTA, a machine created from the fusion of trailer and power tiller.

In its first ten years of operation, the company was already developing a bias toward the international market, beginning to export to Spain and Portugal.