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Smart people enable us to pursue continuous improvement



  • Rio Proietti concretely realized his passion for mechanics in 1976, founding Erreppi.
  • The company's first products were PTO Driven Trailers, highly innovative trailers for the time.
  • The cutting-edge technological systems used in production allowed the company to evolve and design increasingly complex machines: in the 1980s Erreppi team designed and launched MTA, a machine created from the fusion of trailer and power tiller.
  • In its first ten years of operation, the company was already developing a bias toward the international market, beginning to export to Spain and Portugal.


  • With the design of MTA, our company gradually shifted from being a manufacturer of agricultural attachments to a productor of real machines: in the 1990s, our team of brilliant minds developed and launched Slalom 20, Master SX and Jumper 50.
  • In those years we became masters of combining parts intelligently: we bought components from the automotive sector to offer quality products at moderate prices.
  • By the genius of our Production Manager Paolo Proietti came the idea of a light, compact and maneuverable tractor; in 1999 the highlight of our European market was designed, it was named Bantam.


  • Buffalo was born: the invention that revolutionized the way of doing agricultural activities, especially in tropical countries.
  • In the 2000s Bantam and Buffalo competed for the first position on the Erreppi production line: if Bantam was more suitable for the European market, Buffalo found immediate and great success in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • In Nigeria we developed a project for social innovation and territorial development through the design of Crop To Market, a versatile product consisting of a rotary tiller, some smart accessories and a trailer.
  • In the 2000s the first Maga was launched: an innovative solution for the mechanized harvest of hanging fruits that has now evolved into Maga 800.

Years 2010

  • The real turning point for Buffalo came in 2012 with the launch of Buffalo 2: the result of a target market extensive research, carried out side by side with end users. Its design and the technical strength of each component were improved.
  • In 2014 there was a further evolution: the Erreppi team developed Buffalo 2 Plus, which year after year has become an example for the international agricultural tractor industry.


  • Today we maintain a constant dialogue with users around the globe to keep up with their needs: our goal is to improve their performance, providing products that fit every need.
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